erinnonentity (erinnonentity) wrote,

I'se so silly to be flowing but I know I canna stay

music is the best thing. where would i be in my misery without elliot smith? how could I feel expansive and timeless without neutral milk hotel? How could I feel vulnerable & kaleidescopic without coco rosie? where would past relationships have been without the velvet underground and kind of like spitting? how could I ever remember my highschool boyfriend without rancid, the casualties, & leftover crack? drinking's not much fun without murder by death; could i ever have deep feelings for someone who didn't find the fruit bats or regina spektor as pleasant? and if ever i need to feel as if i'm being resurrected, the appleseed cast is there for me. could i remember the dirty thrill of my first trip to camden without ike's horrendous gangsta rap mixtape? and i certainly cannot conceive of god without xiu xiu and the decemberists.

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